Morton’s Steakhouse Coral Gables

On Saturday my wonderful woman took me to Morton’s Steakhouse in Coral Gables for my birthday. We have been there a few times in addition to going to the Brickell location a few times. At this point this (The Coral Gables location) is our favorite restaurant in all of Miami. Everything is delicious and the service is impeccable; from the moment you walk in you are treated like royalty, as we walked in one of the servers was walking out and greeted us with a big smile and a “Welcome to Morton’s, enjoy your meal!”

The wait staff was attentive almost to a fault, they are there before you need anything, I never once had to ask for a waiter, and commented once to my better half that they should maybe wait a bit, as it was feeling like we were being rushed. That resolved itself though as the majority of the Coral Gables dining crowd started to fill in. You see, we had reservations for 7pm as we planned to see The Adjustment Bureau, the new Matt Damon movie, later in the evening at Cinebistro (please see Cinebistro post for some details on this sweet movie theatre). So we arrived at 7:15 promptly on Miami Time and the place was mostly empty. About 7:30 the rush started and almost every table was filled by 8pm.

Once the waiter had other tables to attend the frequency of his visits changed from overwhelming to just about perfect. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you look at it from an entertainment standpoint, at this point a hawk, aka a predatory bird, entered the restaurant looking for what else, a delicious $60 steak. The fine citizens of Coral Gables sprung into action! At first this action consisted of multiple screams of “Ahhhhh!!!!! It’s a hawk!!!!!!”. But then as we all remembered our fowl escape worksheet (FEW) the screams turned to “OPEN THE DOOR!!!!!”. A wise and calm wait staff member opened the door while another shoed the bird out with a tray. Upon the exit of the winged beast a round of applause rang out and we were all once again free to enjoy some of the best food you can find in not only Coral Gables but in all of South Florida.

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