Sheika the Akita Chases Squirrel up Tree (Big Surprise)

Just a bit west of Coral Gables there is a great park called Tropical Park.  Tropical Park actually used to be the home of horse racing in South Florida before Calder race course opened and they closed Tropical Park Race Track in 1972, I plan to detail this park in a later post.  The park is great because it is so huge but for me mostly because it has a great dog park.  The park has two off leash zones, one for small dogs and one for big dogs.  Sheika fits well into the big dogs category.  She is still only about 18 months old so I am still socializing her with other dogs.  This is very important for Akitas because they tend to want to beat the crap out of other dogs if they are not well socialized at an early age.  So I keep Sheika on a leash most of the time for now while she meets the other dogs and gets used to “playing nice”.

This pic is of Sheika chasing a squirrel up a tree (don’t worry I wouldn’t let her hurt the squirrel) as you can tell she still thinks she might be able to climb up the tree.  Unfortunately, I did not have the camera ready when she literally did try to climb up a palm tree after another squirrel!

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  1. Sheika is awesome – Please send her after the cockroaches and then she can run for mayor.
    Great pix!!!

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