Coral Gables is Watching You!

Natalia Zea with CBS 4 News reported yesterday that the Coral Gables Police Department has a new weapon in the fight against graffiti in Coral Gables.  They have acquired, by means of $7000 from a federal grant, a portable security camera that they can position wherever they want in order to get a good look at any would-be Picasso’s trying to paint the town.

I for one have rarely seen graffiti in Coral Gables, one of the reasons I love it so much, but that isn’t to say there will not always be some hoodlums (that’s right I said hoodlums) that are looking to make a mark.  Boy it’s basically impossible to avoid really bad puns while writing this article.  These scofflaws and ne’er-do-wells are obviously trying to earn their stripes by causing problems for the City of Coral Gables.

But will the camera work?

Well I was kind of hoping $7,000 would buy at least 2 cameras.  I don’t think it will take long for those scallywags to catch wind of the video camera’s location and then, oh I don’t know, go spray their evil ink in another part of the city?  Well hopefully they do not read The Coral Gables Blog, or watch CBS 4, because if they do they are now aware of the camera’s existence.  In any case hopefully the one camera will catch some mini-Michelangelo in the act and then they can make him or her pay for the camera and for the cost to clean up the mess they left.

I went looking for grafitti in Coral Gables, I didn’t think I was going to find any and then I found this!!!

Check the Viedo Tape!


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Time to cut the trees!

It is about that time of the year.  With hurricane season approaching it is time to cut the trees, especially the ficus, that grows tremendous amounts in a year.

I went to war with the trees today, spiders falling all over me like rain but I tamed the forest.  And I even cut down a part of a tree that a bird was using as a nest.  Luckily the nest had no eggs in it and seems to have been abandoned, but it was cool to see the wide variety of materials that the modern bird uses to create a comfortable home.  There were twist ties, pieces of wire, snap locks, and of course all sorts of twigs.  The twigs were woven into the most intricate and comfortable looking nest I have ever seen.

I have including a couple of pics, including Sheika’s shock at the large amount of yard that I was decimating and a pic of the nest that I unfortunately brought down.

Sheika Wants to Save the Forest


Empty Bird Nest

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Beware the A/C Air Duct Cleaning Scam!

So at this point in my life having come across countless scams either personally or through friends and family, I figured my scam meter was pretty well tuned.  Oh how wrong I was.

Our A/C has been running great but we have seen the ads a few times in the Home Magazines that come in the mail for A/C duct cleaning.  We figured we it is probably mostly just an opportunity for the company to try and sell you the more expensive treatments or products.  Being in sales I felt confident that I could reject an offer they threw at me, no matter how good the offer or how dire my situation was claimed to be.  But for $19 (First clue that it was a scam) we figured why not get them cleaned and then just ignore whatever they tell me is wrong because it is probably just a lie.

Great plan and it worked perfectly for a time…The A/C guys arrived and immediately when through the whole routine of pointing our dirt on my A/C and telling me that the only way to clean it is to replace the ducts or to buy their U/V light machine that will eliminate all of the mold.  Wow, at this point I know this is a scam, but they hooked up a big machine to the vent and turned it on while they continued to try and sell me stuff by telling me that my whole family and anyone that encountered them would become infested with mold.  I said “That’s very nice but I am not interested” even after he offered to give me a “special deal”.  Oh but one more thing, they still had a trick up their sleeve: I should let them check the Freon level in the outside unit to make sure it is full…

Uh duh well I guess that is ok go ahead…and wouldn’t you know it the thing (according to them) was 2 lbs low, so they said it was $30 / lb, now my scam meter is really buzzing but like an idiot I say oh well its only $60 go ahead and do it.

When the guy was leaving he said “Your A/C will be cooler now”…more untrue words have never been spoken.

The day after the left the A/C would not hold its temperature and by the end of the day my house was at 80.  Not fun, so I called them back and read them the riot act, so they sent someone else out the next day.  And guess what they said?  I needed to either spend a few THOUSAND dollars replacing the outside unit or I could pay them $350 to clean the coils.  Those were my two options…I gave them a third option…the door.

So I finally called a couple people I know and we got a good A/C guy to come out, he says that Freon level should be at 70, so not only did they charge me for 2 lbs that I did not need but they should have taken some out to begin with.

So beware and don’t even bother getting your A/C ducts cleaned, the new good A/C guy says that its pointless, better just to wait until they get fully used and replace them.  Live and learn, here is the ad that I called make sure you do not make the same mistake!

The Little Girl Even Knows: This Company Stinks!

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Coral Gables: Leading the World in Holiday Lighting Technology

To the amazement of those in the North Pole and other areas that are covered in snow half of the year, the beautiful Coral Gables, Fl is leading the world in Holiday Lighting Technology at least for one day.  The University of Miami announced on Monday June 20, 2011 that one of our very own Miami Hurricanes, “professor at the College of Engineering, Jizhou Song, has helped design an light-emitting diode (LED) light that uses an array of LEDs 100 times smaller than conventional LEDs.”

Now I don’t know about you, but to me LED Christimas Lights are just about the hottest thing to hit the big holiday since Icicle Lights.  And yes  LED lights are used for a variety of other purposes, but lets be honest all we really care about if Christmas lights.  So congratulations to Professor Song and the University of Miami.  Coral Gables is once again the center of the world’s Holiday Lighting Technology.

I found this really cool image at an article by a guy named Admin at here is a link to the article:
Click Me if You Love LED

I want the 100 times smaller version!

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Gator Spotted in Coral Gables

Former Florida Gator and enemy of Miami Hurricanes everywhere, Tim Tebow, made good on his threat and ransacked the Books and Books in Coral Gables, replacing all of the Miami Hurricanes books with Florida Gators books and then covering the whole place in Blue and Orange paint!

Ok well not really, but he did attend a book signing for his new book at the Coral Gables landmark yesterday.  The signing was well attended but I for one boycotted the signing.  I was actually planning on putting on my orange and green and protesting in the street but then I remembered that I am an adult now.  Tebow seems like a really nice guy and hopefully he will make it in the NFL, I think I speak for all Miami Hurricanes when I say…man I wish we had that guy on our team.

In all seriousness Books and Books did a great job publicizing the event and I was happy to see that they continue to grow and expand into new locations.

The cover of Tebow’s book shows Tim about to eat a football…

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Ferrari Chooses The Collection in Coral Gables for US Launch of New FF

The Collection in Coral Gables received the high honor of hosting the inaugural unveiling of the new FF which is the first ever all-wheel drive Ferrari.  Adam Kuperstein for NBC Miami reports that on Friday June 17 the new, and incredibly sleek, Ferrari FF was introduced to a group of VIP’s in the famed dealer’s showroom.  Read the full article here, there is a great video of the car and the event as well.

This is just more proof that Coral Gables is an international hot spot where the world’s finest companies love to do business.  It also shows how The Gables and Miami in general are growing in national prominence.  There are several other world class cities to choose from in the good ole’ US of A but Ferrari understands the importance of that sexy Miami vibe and of course the upper echelon of that vibe is Coral Gables.

Here is a picture of the FF for your viewing pleasure…

It's For When You're Really Late

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Historic Homes Page Updated

The beautiful historic homes in Coral Gables date from the 1920’s when the city was founded.  There are so many beautiful homes that it would be impossible to show you all of them, but here is a sampling of what is currently available to own in Coral Gables.  These are all active as of 6/14/2011 and they are the two highest priced and the two lowest priced homes from the 1920’s in Coral Gables…I will be updating the Historic Homes page every month, please check back soon!  If you would like more information on any of these historic Coral Gables homes please contact me…

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Coral Gables Luxury Rental Project gets $50 Million Construction Loan

In what is hopefully a sign of good things to come, a major 250 Unit Luxury Rental project has received approval for $50 Million in funding from PNC.  As reported by Brian Bandell with The South Florida Business Journal, the developer is LG Coral who is an affiliate of Gables Residential.  And although you might think Gables Residential would be based in Coral Gables, it is in fact a national company out of Atlanta, GA.  Here is the website for Gables Residential: …boy I would love to have that domain, as I’m sure would many others.

Bandell also reports that the project will have 26,000 sf. of ground level retail space and should be breaking ground this summer.  If all goes well, Gables Residential hopes to have the project available by Fall of 2012.  The apartments would rent at around $2-2.50 /sf.  The building will be located at 4585 Ponce DeLeon Blvd, Coral Gables…click here for current Google street level view.

Here is a rendering of the proposed project from the developer’s website…

Artist's Rendering


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Coral Gables Restaurant Week Starts with a Bang!

This week marks the beginning of Coral Gables Restaurant Week in The City of Coral Gables.  This is a week (plus a few days) that is similar to the Miami Spice event that allows the curious to sample food and beverage from a variety of local participating restaurants.  And as reported by Ana Herrera of, the week started off with a hit at the 4th annual Taste of The Gables event.  The event took place  at the Rotunda of the Westin Colonnade Hotel on Thursday evening, June 2.  Herrera reports that over 500 people attended the event which offered a quick sampling of many of the restaurants that will be participating in Restaurant Week.

Hopefully this level of interest will continue for the duration of Coral Gables Restaurant Week which is June 6-19.  I know we will be attending to get some great fare at a fair price!  Hope to see you there…

Here is a pic of the winner of the “Best Taste of The Gables” award as voted on by the guests…Anacapri on Ponce…

Anacapri on Ponce de Leon winner of "Best Taste of The Gables"

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