Time to cut the trees!

It is about that time of the year.  With hurricane season approaching it is time to cut the trees, especially the ficus, that grows tremendous amounts in a year.

I went to war with the trees today, spiders falling all over me like rain but I tamed the forest.  And I even cut down a part of a tree that a bird was using as a nest.  Luckily the nest had no eggs in it and seems to have been abandoned, but it was cool to see the wide variety of materials that the modern bird uses to create a comfortable home.  There were twist ties, pieces of wire, snap locks, and of course all sorts of twigs.  The twigs were woven into the most intricate and comfortable looking nest I have ever seen.

I have including a couple of pics, including Sheika’s shock at the large amount of yard that I was decimating and a pic of the nest that I unfortunately brought down.

Sheika Wants to Save the Forest


Empty Bird Nest

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