Code Red…if you can handle the truth!

Greetings fellow citizens cowering before the awesome power of Mother Nature!  Fear Not!  Our advanced intellects have finally produced something more useful than remakes of every movie you ever saw as a kid… Code Red for The City of Coral Gables.  No this does not mean that two Marines are going to burst into the City Beautiful in the middle of the night and stuff a sock down its mouth.  Jack Nicholson will not defend your house or property against Tom Cruise unless you know him, in which case I heard he is a beast with a 7 Iron… but you can defend your property against disaster with Code Red!

Code Red is basically a notification system for any important news that the City of Coral Gables needs to deliver to citizens instantly.  Think evacuation orders and boil water orders, not tee times and dinner reservations.  If you go to this link you can register to receive the notifications.  All kidding aside this is a very important and useful service and everyone should register ASAP.

Here is a visual representation of how you will be notified of a Code Red…okay so not ALL kidding aside…

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