Coral Gables Granada Entrance Part 2 (The Legend of the Wooden Snakes)

Welcome back to the much anticipated conclusion of the photo tour of the Coral Gables Granada Entrance.

In this edition we will be focusing on the Details and on the West side.  Another way to say this is that these are all the photos that I didn’t have time to upload in Part 1.

And so…Zee Photos!!!

Down to Earth

Coral Gables Specializes in Cool Lamps

I should see if they are looking to sell...

I tried to get the listing but nobody was home

What is the West side's story?

The story is that these wooden snakes were once real snakes and they were friendly snakes so they helped George Merrick build the Granada Entrance but when they fell behind schedule and went over budget he had them turned to wood to help support the parts of the Entrance that they did not finish...I think.

Thanks for reading!

Joshua T. Reich, P.A.
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  1. My grandfather, Mariano Cuesta, worked on building the Granada Enterance. Thank you for your photos and narrative.

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