Coral Gables City Hall Part 1

The other day I stopped by City Hall in Coral Gables.  I have seen and driven past this place so many times since, well a long time a go in a galaxy far far away when I was 15, just learning to drive and anxious to play every golf course in Miami.  Me and my buddy Jon would always come down to the Granada course (we couldn’t afford Biltmore at 15) and play through the 2nd hole that puts you right next to this fantastic building.  But I never noticed it and even recently with all the time I spend chronicling The City of Coral Gables for The Coral Gables Blog I had never stopped to notice how cool it is.  My favorite part is the George Merrick statue is that stares down Miracle Mile into the Heart of Coral Gables.

This is the first set of pics, more to come!  As always clicka da pic for da bigga view!
PS the team of engineers working at The Coral Gables Blog has finally figured out how to give you the giant super size resolution you want with the sweet little file size that won’t lag your connection, so click away and prepare to zoom out!

The Main Entrance

If you got a problem, they'll solve it, check out the hook while my... If you leave a comment with the author of this famous and incredibly important quote I will send you a link to the real song...great deal huh?

A very stately facade

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes and I am...

The man, the myth, the legend

Mr. Merrick is very happy with his Miracle Mile

In similarly dark times as our own George Merrick stared down the storm of the Great Depression and created one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, now is our time...

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