I hired a bird to take some Aerial Pictures of The Biltmore

The problem is that when you deal with a species that cannot communicate effectively and does not understand the concept of money it is very hard to get your deposit back.

So after multiple phone calls to We Fly U Bye Inc. that resulted in nothing but incoherent squawking I decided to just “borrow” some aerial pictures from Bing (aka Microsoft) and 1 street view from the all knowing Google (all hail).

The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables is one of the most beautiful and charismatic hotels in the world, in my opinion, and I wanted to give another view of it from the air.  For those of you who don’t know you can get some really great “Bird’s Eye” views by using Maps.Bing.com.  Often when I am working with someone who is looking for a home in Coral Gables I will send them a link to the Bird’s Eye view so that they can get a better idea of what the neighborhood looks like and what the property is close to.  The Bird’s Eye view is better than the Aerial view in most cases because you can see at an angle rather than from straight overheard.  But in this case I am just using it to give you a nice view of one of Coral Gables most famous buildings.

Ok so that should be enough promotion of Bing.com AKA the former Live.com AKA we should just give up and let Google (all hail) have the Search Engine market because now we are a 2nd class OS to a company that we once bailed out.  Sorry you had to read all of that just to get to the pictures…

What a very cool and stately hotel

The bird that took this shot was flying south for the winter

The Famous Biltmore Pool

This shot of the entire Biltmore Golf Course was taken by a top-notch spy bird

This bird landed and gave up flying for a life of luxury

The Coral Gables Blog is your eye in the sky!

Joshua T. Reich, P.A.
“Knowledge, Professionalism, Diligence”
/Max Advance Realty


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  1. Love this post and the pictures are great!

  2. Hi, love this post. It’s fascinating!

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