It’s Raining Photos (Best Coral Gables Photos Updated)

So if you have not been living under a rock lately in South Florida, then you are probably soaking wet.  One Coral Gables resident described the rain this way,”I can’t remember the last time it wasn’t raining.”  In reality it has only been raining for about 6 days, but for the Sunshine State it is a strange phenomenon.  Normally a major rain event is some form of tropical storm or wave, or one of them there ole hairicanes.  But this time this low pressure system has just been planted here for about 6 days, but don’t worry tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous dry and cool finally!

So the moral of the story is I had some time while avoiding the unsafe driving conditions to check out the stats for The Coral Gables Blog and I was not surprised to see that the most visited page is the Best Coral Gables Photos page.  This makes me feel better because it means my readers are like me and much prefer pictures to reading…with that said I’ll shut up now and give you the news that I have added a ton of photos to the page to satisfy your rabid demand, so Click Here to Check Out the New Photos (they are at the bottom under the old photos).

What may happen to you if you pour concrete in the rain

Stay dry!

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