I feed my dog Cadillacs

So recently I found myself taking my sweet dog Sheika the Akita to a regular vet check up while at the same time getting a call on a deal that was falling apart.  I really try not to talk on the phone and drive because of the obvious inherent risks with such activity.  But as a real estate agent I sometimes have to take phone calls in order to make a deal happen.  Well this deal was going BAD and I had to take the phone call.  So while on the phone I hear a strange sound and notice that Sheika has pushed her cage away from the door and was ripping at the door of the cage (which is, or rather was, a tough fabric material).  But since I was driving and on the phone I decided to just ignore it until I could get off the phone.  Once I got off the phone I glanced back expecting to see just her cage in shambles but instead I saw the yellow pieces of foam that used to be inside my back seat.

And worse off she was still ripping away having a good old time!  I could not stop her with my hands because I was driving on the express way and decided it was not worth causing an accident,  but I had to get her to stop and so I yelled at a decibel level that I did not know I was capable of, something on the order of:  SHEIKA NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

That got her to sit quietly in the other corner of her (former) cage for the rest of the trip, but the damage had been done.  I am currently seeking a replacement back seat for a Cadillac DTS in black leather, if anyone happens to have one just laying around please let me know!  Otherwise I will be calling Cadillac so they can use me to help out the economy.

Here are some pictures for your general amusement…

Sheika’s Food

Sheika denies the accusations on the basis of cuteness

The Caddy was traumatized and tried to hide behind a tree

Thanks for reading, please send Sheika Fan Mail directly to her publicist.

Joshua T. Reich

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  1. What a cute little doggie! You’re hilarious (wonder where you get that from)

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