Best Coral Gables Photos

These are presented in no particular order.  I tried to group them together by location…sort of.

Click on an image to see the full size version!

Royal Poinciana at Granada Golf Course

Up close the flowers are spectacular

Royal Poinciana Bloom

Through the Royal Ponciana

Cave at The Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool Tower

Venetian Pool Wide Shot

Side of Venetian Pool Tower

Venetian Pool Pergola

Venetian Pool Waterfall

Venetian Pool Water

Venetian Pool Walkway

Venetian Pool Entrance

Huge Ficus Tree

Two Big Ficus

Ficus Covered Street

Coral Gables Prado Fountain South Pergola

Prado Fountain Pergola

Coral Gables Prado Fountain Pool

Prado Fountain Pool

Coral Gables Prado Fountain Main

Prado Fountain Main

Coral Gables Coral Way Entry

Coral Way Entry

Coral Gables Lions Mouth Fountain

Lions Mouth Fountain

Entering Coral Gables

Entering Coral Gables

Prado Entrance Bougainvillea

Prado Bougainvillea

Coral Gables Prado Entrance Plaque

Prado Entrance Plaque

Coral Gables Lions Mouth Side View

Lions Mouth Side View

Through the Ficus

Prado Steps

Prado Column Detail

Prado Wide View

Prado North Pergola

Lion’s Mouth Sunshine

City Hall Lantern

Lantern Perspective

City Hall Ghostbusters

Merrick vs. the Storm

The Merrick Statue

Merrick Statue Front

City Hall Wall Man

Detail of Wall Man

Miracle Mile Head On

City Hall Plaque

Coral Gables City Hall

City Hall Side View

Off Center Shot of City Hall Entrance

Coral Gables City Hall

West side of the Granada Entrance

Granada Lamp

Granada Door Detail

Granda Entrance Inside Door

Am I in Sherwood Forrest?

Coral Gables Specializes in Cool Lamps

The Legend of the Wooden Snakes

Granada Ground Detail

More Wooden Snakes

Pergola on East side of Granada Entrance

Inside East Pergola

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  1. Keep those CG pics coming… Get over to Venetian Pool pronto. Lots to capture there. History, my boy!

  2. Great pictures and locations. This helped me finish my series on Coral Gables. I do not know if I can share all my pictures here but you can find some new pictures at

    • Thank you Marco! I am honored that someone of your talent would even look at my shots, I looked through your series and it is fantastic, I particularly enjoyed the night shots and the under the bridge shot! Keep up the great work!

      • Thank you Josh, for the comment and for making this blog available to everyone.


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