I feed my dog Cadillacs

So recently I found myself taking my sweet dog Sheika the Akita to a regular vet check up while at the same time getting a call on a deal that was falling apart.  I really try not to talk on the phone and drive because of the obvious inherent risks with such activity.  But as a real estate agent I sometimes have to take phone calls in order to make a deal happen.  Well this deal was going BAD and I had to take the phone call.  So while on the phone I hear a strange sound and notice that Sheika has pushed her cage away from the door and was ripping at the door of the cage (which is, or rather was, a tough fabric material).  But since I was driving and on the phone I decided to just ignore it until I could get off the phone.  Once I got off the phone I glanced back expecting to see just her cage in shambles but instead I saw the yellow pieces of foam that used to be inside my back seat.

And worse off she was still ripping away having a good old time!  I could not stop her with my hands because I was driving on the express way and decided it was not worth causing an accident,  but I had to get her to stop and so I yelled at a decibel level that I did not know I was capable of, something on the order of:  SHEIKA NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

That got her to sit quietly in the other corner of her (former) cage for the rest of the trip, but the damage had been done.  I am currently seeking a replacement back seat for a Cadillac DTS in black leather, if anyone happens to have one just laying around please let me know!  Otherwise I will be calling Cadillac so they can use me to help out the economy.

Here are some pictures for your general amusement…

Sheika’s Food

Sheika denies the accusations on the basis of cuteness

The Caddy was traumatized and tried to hide behind a tree

Thanks for reading, please send Sheika Fan Mail directly to her publicist.

Joshua T. Reich

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Time to cut the trees!

It is about that time of the year.  With hurricane season approaching it is time to cut the trees, especially the ficus, that grows tremendous amounts in a year.

I went to war with the trees today, spiders falling all over me like rain but I tamed the forest.  And I even cut down a part of a tree that a bird was using as a nest.  Luckily the nest had no eggs in it and seems to have been abandoned, but it was cool to see the wide variety of materials that the modern bird uses to create a comfortable home.  There were twist ties, pieces of wire, snap locks, and of course all sorts of twigs.  The twigs were woven into the most intricate and comfortable looking nest I have ever seen.

I have including a couple of pics, including Sheika’s shock at the large amount of yard that I was decimating and a pic of the nest that I unfortunately brought down.

Sheika Wants to Save the Forest


Empty Bird Nest

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Sheika the Akita Chases Squirrel up Tree (Big Surprise)

Just a bit west of Coral Gables there is a great park called Tropical Park.  Tropical Park actually used to be the home of horse racing in South Florida before Calder race course opened and they closed Tropical Park Race Track in 1972, I plan to detail this park in a later post.  The park is great because it is so huge but for me mostly because it has a great dog park.  The park has two off leash zones, one for small dogs and one for big dogs.  Sheika fits well into the big dogs category.  She is still only about 18 months old so I am still socializing her with other dogs.  This is very important for Akitas because they tend to want to beat the crap out of other dogs if they are not well socialized at an early age.  So I keep Sheika on a leash most of the time for now while she meets the other dogs and gets used to “playing nice”.

This pic is of Sheika chasing a squirrel up a tree (don’t worry I wouldn’t let her hurt the squirrel) as you can tell she still thinks she might be able to climb up the tree.  Unfortunately, I did not have the camera ready when she literally did try to climb up a palm tree after another squirrel!

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