About Coral Gables

Coral Gables is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth!

It is prime example of how a master vision for a magnificent city can come to life over time and grow to embody all that its creator dreamed of and more. From the gorgeous Mediterranean Revival Style architecture to the stately Ficus trees that line and shade the streets this city has everything.

The City of Coral Gables was founded in 1925 by George Merrick.  The city was named after the house where George Merrick spent much of his youth, a house that still stands today which has Gables made out of Coral Rock.  If you don’t know what a Gable is, it is the triangle that is formed at the front of a house when the two sides of the roof meet at angles.  If a house has a flat roof it will not have any gables.  The Merrick House not only still stands today at 907 Coral Way, Coral Gables, FL 33134 but it is kept in pristine condition and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  If you go to the link for street view on Google you can see the famous Coral Gables through the trees!…here is the link:  Click Here for Google Street View of Merrick House

The city was of one of the first planned communities and George Merrick had a strong vision that led to some very specific zoning laws and architectural requirements that have given the city such a unique feel.  Long before it became popular to tout a city as pedestrian-friendly Merrick planned a central commercial district that “allowed him to boast that every business in Coral Gables was less than a two block walk.” (Wikipedia)  After 8 decades  and countless ups and downs that included several hurricanes and The Great Depression the plan still remains in effect and many say is thriving better than ever!

There is a bustling financial district where some of the world’s best companies have their headquarters and there are also numerous arts and cultural events to satisfy the soul. It would be impossible to explain completely in words how wonderful the City of Coral Gables is, but with the aid of some beautiful pictures and a sampling of some of the best food, events and homes I plan to give you some idea with this blog.

For further information on the City of Coral Gables please visit the following links…

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  1. Sir Joshua,
    I am soooo impressed. You’ve done a wonderful job with this blog. Your pictures are totally professional, and that comes from a total professional! I like the commentary and the organization. You’ve dome yourself proud, my man. Your grandad would be uber proud. Keep it coming.

  2. Awesome blog Josh!! Would luv to read Sheika’s take on the sights, sounds and sniffs of the Gables 🙂
    Uncle Pat

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