Coral Gables Historical Home of The Week

Hello Readers,

Today we are going to take a look at a great 1926 Coral Gables Home that has some beautiful interior updates.

The home has 2,417 square feet which is a ton of space for an Old Spanish, the property sits walking distance from the Granada Golf Course so all you have to do is buy a golf cart and charge it every few days!  It is listed for $799,000 by Manuel Ponce of The Keyes Company Inc.

The backyard has also been tastefully updated to make this home the complete package for under $1 Million!

Without further ablah blah here are the pictures…let me know if you would like to pay cash or credit…

Love the greenage < my own word

Nicely Updated Bathroom

The Perfect Place for Afternoon Cafe Cubano

Love this Fireplace!

Christmas Dinner Anyone?…I’ll have the Turdunkin!

The Great Outdoors!

My readers are the best and most attractive!  Thank you for your continued support but please stop camping outside my home!

Joshua T. Reich

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What is your Pinterest?

Hello Future Pinheads!

I am here to report that I have found a fabulous way to experience the world through the efforts and hard work of others!

Pinterest is very cool new website that describes itself as a virtual pinboard for all types of media but mostly photographs and videos. It basically enables you to pin anything that you find on the Internet and add it to one of your custom named pin boards.  But that is the hard part (which becomes very addicting once you get the hang of it) the easy and fun way to use the site is just to browse other peoples pins.  You will find some of the coolest pictures and videos and every single time you check the site you will see something new!

I am very addicted and have of course created a Coral Gables Board that you can check by clicking here.

Here is a link to my “Likes” page which are all of my favorites that I have found through other pinheads, I hope you like them… click me

The other cool thing is that since all the pics link through to the original photo you are able to come across some really cool sites, today I found which is apparently a collection of pictures and design ideas for the home which I will definitely be detailing in a future post.

Here is an example of one of my favorite pins (pinned from because it looks like what I have in my backyard 😉

Where I discuss business with Neptune

Happy Pinning!

Joshua T. Reich

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2011 Coral Gables Holiday Spectacular and Tree Lighting

Hello Stuffed Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know that I ate to much and that I can’t wait until it happens again next year.  Ohhhhh stuffing you are so good to me!

So now that we have awoken from our turkey induced slumber it is time to look ahead to the final month of the year!  In Coral Gables that means the Coral Gables Holiday Spectacular is approaching which includes the popular tree lighting ceremony.  This year it will take place this coming Friday December 2 at City Hall in Coral Gables right at the beginning of Miracle Mile.  For those of you who are not savvy on the streets it will be at the intersection of SW 24th St and LeJeune Rd (SW 42 Ave).  The event will begin at 5pm and run through 10pm.  The actual tree lighting ceremony will begin at 7pm.

According the The City of Coral Gables E-Newsletter, the event “features food, carnival rides and games, face painting, arts and craft, bounce houses and live musical entertainment by Miami Children’s Theater, Actors’ Playhouse Children Theater, and Maria Verdeja School of the Arts.”

It should be a fantastic night hope to see you there!

The E-Newsletter also had a great pic of a tree from a previous year…

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for Reading!

Joshua T. Reich



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Historic Coral Gables Home of the Week

This week we have decided to go to the top of the food chain.  This $4.75 Million Mansion sits on the famous Biltmore Golf Course and features numerous modern updates to combine the old with the new for a gorgeous home built in 1925.  Just imagine George Merrick duffing a shot off the pool deck when this property was first built!

The master bedroom has a private balcony that overlooks the expansive views of the Biltmore Golf Course.  The property sits on a half acre, which is a nice piece of land for Coral Gables, and is a must see.  Take a look at the pictures and let me know maybe I can arrange for you to hit your Callaway Big Birtha off the balcony!  Well probably not but this beautiful Coral Gables home was recently listed by Maria Gonzalez of Engel & Volkers and basically has everything you could want in a prime Coral Gables location.

I have a couple of my clients interested already but if you buy me a round of golf at the Biltmore you might be able to get the inside track!

Welcome home...


Love the Biltmore Hotel in the distance...


Plenty of space to the top and sides...


A gorgeous and relaxing pool



Click Here for even more pictures, if you have any questions give me a call my wedge game is finally on track so lets play a round!

Thanks for Reading!

Joshua T. Reich, P.A.
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Secrets of the Granada Sisterhood

This past week I was visiting a few fantastic Coral Gables Broker’s Opens by fellow RE/MAX agents and I passed by an unassuming little park called Granada Park.   The park is much more important than one might first guess as it is a representation of the relationship between the City of Coral Gables and the City of Granada in Spain.  These two Sister Cities have a special relationship as half the things in Coral Gables are named after Granada so every time someone drives through the Granada Entrance, the City of Coral Gables has to send  a Big Mac to the Mayor of Granada, Spain.

Ok so not really, but it’s my blog so I can say whatever I want.  In reality the relationship is very cool and has resulted in this beautiful While Marble Pomengranate, which was a gift from Jose Torres Hurtado, Mayor of Granada, Spain.  The statue was created in Spain and just to make it perfect, it is surrounded by Antique Cobblestones donated by Emma Dolores Broad and Sara Marlee Broad in May of 2008.

Here are the pictures, enjoy!  As always click for the bigger pic!

Where else besides Coral Gables?


I want one

Just in case you thought they took your antique cobblestones…

Said cobblestones…

Through the trees

Wide view

Wider view

Widest view


Thanks for Reading!

Joshua T. Reich

Coral Gables Real Estate Moving on Up

Hello Valued Reader,

We are starting a new “beginning-of-the-month feature” where we will analyze real estate statistics for our favorite city in the world… Coral Gables, in case you didn’t get that from the blog title.

This is a good news post today because  October 2011 resulted in more closings than October 2010.  Moreover, as of October 31, 2010 only 343 sales had closed for the entire year whereas this year at the same time there is a total of 408 closed sales.  Of course many of the cynics out there might say “Well there may be more closings but that is because prices are cheaper”.  Au contraire mon fraire! The average sales price has actually increased slightly from $968,230 to $970,668 and it all points to a move in the right direction for Coral Gables Real Estate.  Now is the time to buy as prices and interest rates remain low but demand is increasing.

I live and breathe Coral Gables Real Estate, so if you would like to delve into the numbers further call me any time otherwise please enjoy these sweet graphs…

Thanks for reading,

Joshua T. Reich

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I feed my dog Cadillacs

So recently I found myself taking my sweet dog Sheika the Akita to a regular vet check up while at the same time getting a call on a deal that was falling apart.  I really try not to talk on the phone and drive because of the obvious inherent risks with such activity.  But as a real estate agent I sometimes have to take phone calls in order to make a deal happen.  Well this deal was going BAD and I had to take the phone call.  So while on the phone I hear a strange sound and notice that Sheika has pushed her cage away from the door and was ripping at the door of the cage (which is, or rather was, a tough fabric material).  But since I was driving and on the phone I decided to just ignore it until I could get off the phone.  Once I got off the phone I glanced back expecting to see just her cage in shambles but instead I saw the yellow pieces of foam that used to be inside my back seat.

And worse off she was still ripping away having a good old time!  I could not stop her with my hands because I was driving on the express way and decided it was not worth causing an accident,  but I had to get her to stop and so I yelled at a decibel level that I did not know I was capable of, something on the order of:  SHEIKA NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

That got her to sit quietly in the other corner of her (former) cage for the rest of the trip, but the damage had been done.  I am currently seeking a replacement back seat for a Cadillac DTS in black leather, if anyone happens to have one just laying around please let me know!  Otherwise I will be calling Cadillac so they can use me to help out the economy.

Here are some pictures for your general amusement…

Sheika’s Food

Sheika denies the accusations on the basis of cuteness

The Caddy was traumatized and tried to hide behind a tree

Thanks for reading, please send Sheika Fan Mail directly to her publicist.

Joshua T. Reich

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It’s Raining Photos (Best Coral Gables Photos Updated)

So if you have not been living under a rock lately in South Florida, then you are probably soaking wet.  One Coral Gables resident described the rain this way,”I can’t remember the last time it wasn’t raining.”  In reality it has only been raining for about 6 days, but for the Sunshine State it is a strange phenomenon.  Normally a major rain event is some form of tropical storm or wave, or one of them there ole hairicanes.  But this time this low pressure system has just been planted here for about 6 days, but don’t worry tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous dry and cool finally!

So the moral of the story is I had some time while avoiding the unsafe driving conditions to check out the stats for The Coral Gables Blog and I was not surprised to see that the most visited page is the Best Coral Gables Photos page.  This makes me feel better because it means my readers are like me and much prefer pictures to reading…with that said I’ll shut up now and give you the news that I have added a ton of photos to the page to satisfy your rabid demand, so Click Here to Check Out the New Photos (they are at the bottom under the old photos).

What may happen to you if you pour concrete in the rain

Stay dry!

Joshua T. Reich, P.A.
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City Property Taxes lowered in Coral Gables!

In a bit of good news for Coral Gables residents the Coral Gables city commission has voted to lower property taxes for the fiscal year that began October 1, 2011.  That means that next years millage rate will be 5.869 mills which is lower than last fiscal year by approximately .203 mills.  Now what the heck does that mean?

Think of the millage rate as a dollar amount of $5.869 per $1000 of the assessed property value, then for example a property that has an assessed value of $2000 would have a pre-deduction city tax bill of $11.74… boy that would be a nice tax bill but there is no such thing as a $2000 property in Coral Gables, unless you are talking about a bird bath.   And so in more reasonable prices, if you property’s assessed value is $200,000 then your pre-deduction city tax bill will be $1,173.80.  Of course you also are going to be taxed by the county at their millage rates so you will have to add that to your bill and then deduct a Homestead Exemption or other exemptions in order to arrive at your final bill amount…but at least for this year the city’s portion is going to be a bit lower.  Also remember that the assessed value is not the same as the market value of a property, and the assessed value is usually a good amount lower than the market value.  If you would like to know the market value of your home call me for a Comparative Market Analysis.

The E-Newsletter of the City of Coral Gables also reports that this reduction will not result in the loss of any city jobs as the workforce is slated to remain the same at 791 full-time employees.  In addition there are funds set aside for repairs and improvements.  So it seems that city services will not suffer much from the projected loss of about $2 Million in revenue as a result of this decrease.  Sounds like good news to me!

Coral Gables City Hall

Coral Gables City Hall

Thanks for reading!

Joshua T. Reich, P.A.
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I hired a bird to take some Aerial Pictures of The Biltmore

The problem is that when you deal with a species that cannot communicate effectively and does not understand the concept of money it is very hard to get your deposit back.

So after multiple phone calls to We Fly U Bye Inc. that resulted in nothing but incoherent squawking I decided to just “borrow” some aerial pictures from Bing (aka Microsoft) and 1 street view from the all knowing Google (all hail).

The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables is one of the most beautiful and charismatic hotels in the world, in my opinion, and I wanted to give another view of it from the air.  For those of you who don’t know you can get some really great “Bird’s Eye” views by using  Often when I am working with someone who is looking for a home in Coral Gables I will send them a link to the Bird’s Eye view so that they can get a better idea of what the neighborhood looks like and what the property is close to.  The Bird’s Eye view is better than the Aerial view in most cases because you can see at an angle rather than from straight overheard.  But in this case I am just using it to give you a nice view of one of Coral Gables most famous buildings.

Ok so that should be enough promotion of AKA the former AKA we should just give up and let Google (all hail) have the Search Engine market because now we are a 2nd class OS to a company that we once bailed out.  Sorry you had to read all of that just to get to the pictures…

What a very cool and stately hotel

The bird that took this shot was flying south for the winter

The Famous Biltmore Pool

This shot of the entire Biltmore Golf Course was taken by a top-notch spy bird

This bird landed and gave up flying for a life of luxury

The Coral Gables Blog is your eye in the sky!

Joshua T. Reich, P.A.
“Knowledge, Professionalism, Diligence”
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