Royal Poincianas blooming in Coral Gables

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Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite things about Coral Gables, and Miami in general…the blooming of the Royal Poincianas.  Every year around the end of Spring these gorgeous flowering trees pop their bright orange flowers and turn an ordinarily plain and unassuming tree into a fiery explosion of color and gorgeous flowers.

The trees are not originally native to Coral Gables, or even to America for that matter, as they were introduced to the Americas by Phillippe de Longvilliers de Poincy (de what?) who was a French nobleman that brought them over from Madagascar in the 1600’s.  Thanks to Mr. De De De, and the tree’s natural beauty, these trees spread throughout the country.  They have taken up a substantial residence in South Florida as our tropical climate is just right for their liking.

If you drive around South Florida this time of year you cannot miss them, but Coral Gables has some of the most beautiful specimen, see if you agree…

Up close the flowers are spectacular

Full view of the tree


And even closer

Ready for her close up

Work it you sexy tree!

Ok I promise this is the last close up!

Some of the buds are still waiting to pop

The Coral Gables Blog patent pending “Through the Trees” shot

Some of them are aggressive and attack others!

Well I hope you enjoyed our tour of The Royal Poinciana now bow down and pay homage to your tree king, lest you be attacked by an aggressive one!

Thanks for reading!

Joshua T. Reich

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