How to get rid of White Flies on your Trees and Shrubs

You know them, you hate them , you can’t get rid of them!  The dreaded White Fly has invaded South Florida and lives all over our beautiful trees.  And they don’t really care what kind of tree either, they will live on anything.  One of my favorite blog’s is the daily photo blog by Tog of Coral Gables, and Tog has documented cases of entire Ficus trees being brought down by the White Fly.  Here is a link to a post of his where the City of Coral Gables has had to cut down another Ficus because of this problem.

Well fellow citizens, after hundreds of dollars at Home Depot I finally found a treatment that was worked wonders in my own backyard .  It is by the Bayer company, yes the same one you get aspirin from, it is called Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed.  Don’t let the boring name fool you this stuff really works.  I test sprayed it at the base of one of my Bird of Paridise Palms and within a few weeks I could already see there were less White Flies.  About 2 months after there are no more white flies and the tree is VERY healthy is the treatment also has nutrients for the tree.

So then I sprayed it at the base of all of my trees and it has totally removed the White Fly from my property.  I was so happy and have seen so many people struggle with this that I decided to let you know.

See the images below for proof and a pic of the bottle.  The stuff goes for like $20 so it is not cheap but you only have to treat every 6 months, good luck!  Let me know how it works!



The Bottle!

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