Salvadore Park and Tennis Center in Coral Gables

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I was at an inspection today at a fantastic old spanish home in Coral Gables and the route I took when leaving brought me to the Salvadore Park and Tennis Center.  I am an old tennis player myself although I have never played on these courts before.  I discovered that the park also has a fantastic playground for kids as well as some nice open spaces.  I decided not to go in and take pictures of the courts as there were several matches going on at the time and I do remember my tennis etiquette that my grandpa taught me…oh wait on second thought he would just laugh when he, a senior citizen, would hit wicked back spin shots that I couldn’t get to.  Miss ya Charlie!

So I took a few basic shots so you can get a good idea of what the park looks like.  I did not get too close to the playground either because there were many children playing and if I was a parent and saw some guy (even a sharp dressed guy) taking pictures of kids at a playground I would probably beat the crap out of him…err, I mean call the police.   I hope you enjoy, there are also some awesome (literally I was in awe) giant Ficus trees that I will feature in a future post…and in the future I will feature further features from the future….sorry about that…enjoy!

Well come on in…

Tennis anyone?

They also have practice courts

Very nice wide open spaces in this park and many places to sit and relax

And here is the playground which is quite large and varied

Thanks for reading and by the way THAT WAS ON THE LINE REF WHAT ARE YOU BLIND???

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